The LITCO Story

Welcome to Lancaster International Trading Company, importers of sensational sun-dried apricots. From spectacular flavors to exceptional quality, you’ll taste pride and tradition in every bite of the world’s sweetest apricots. That’s because we do business with people who are eager to share their natural gifts with the world.

Our company was founded by Myron Stoltzfus, a food distributor and innovator who decided in the mid-1990s to make real his dream of making a difference in the lives of those in under-developed nations.

Reaching Beyond

From his home in Pennsylvania Dutch country, Myron traveled the ancient Silk Road of Central Asia in search of extraordinary, locally produced foods. He sought out those that would appeal to discriminating American consumers.

Along the way, he found others who shared his passion. He built solid partnerships that promote investment in small orchards, farms and factories. He learned a great deal from these village communities and reciprocated by assisting them in finding welcome outlets for their offerings. The experience has led to the establishment of LITCO, while reinforcing Myron’s lifelong belief in the role of people-to-people diplomacy in global understanding. LITCO products are the edible embodiment of that belief. LITCO works to identify entrepreneurs and develop them into self standing businesses that produce quality products which LITCO then imports.

Powered by the Sun

The foods imported by Lancaster International Trading Company share a common trait – they’re kissed by the sun. All of our dried apricots and tomatoes are dried in the sun and sold with no flavor addatives to preserve their authentic goodness. The foods we import are uniquely flavored by the sun, soil and traditions of their countries of origin.

From Myron Stoltzfus’s dream comes a sincere, people-driven enterprise that has introduced the treasures of the Silk Road to a new and appreciative group of consumers. What’s more, LITCO and its trade partners have opened new routes toward global commerce and cultural understanding.

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