Enduring Sun Sensational Sun-Dried Apricots

Unbelievable, all-natural sweetness is just part of the Enduring Sun apricot story. Every one of our heirloom varieties preserves the concentrated, exotic flavors only found in the candy-like apricots of Central Asia. Each variety offers its own unique characteristics, delivering a palette of delightful flavors!

Our sensational sun-dried apricots are KLBD Kosher certified.

Note: our sun-dried apricots have been exposed to a small amount of sulfur dioxide. This centuries-old technique is used to keep insects away during the sun-drying process and to preserve flavor and nutrients. The total amount of sulfites contained in our apricots at drying time is well below the FDA threshold of 3,000 Parts Per Million and it slowly dissipates over time. Sulfites are also commonly added to wine to preserve flavor and stop the fermentation process, and they are present in many fermented foods, including organic "no-sulfite" wine, grape juice, and sauerkraut as a natural byproduct of fermentation.


Extra large sweet & tart apricot with a hint of clementine.



Small, sweet apricot with a hint of orange.



Unique flavor with a delightful lemony afterglow.



Extra large sweet & slightly tart apricot with a hint of clementine.

Enduring Sun Mediterranean Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Your taste buds will delight in the intense, robust flavor of Enduring Sunís Mediterranean sun-dried Cherry Tomatoes. Our tomatoes have no added flavors or preservatives - just vine-ripened tomatoes, grown on small Mediterranean farms and dried in the sun.

Cherry Tomatoes

Vine-ripened, sun-dried cherry tomatoes boasting intense, robust flavor.


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